Sales teams have been a central part of a business’ Go-to-Market strategy for decades, but the maturation of the high-tech industry is causing them to evolve. The growth of inside sales and inbound marketing in particular are changing the way sales teams are structured and measured. These changes can make it hard for sales leaders to accurately assess the performance of their sales teams.

OpenView's 2016 Benchmarks for Sales Report, produced in partnership with InsightSquared, is designed to provide context to the tech sales landscape so sales leaders like you can benchmark your teams and answer questions like:

  • What types of roles are sales teams adding?
  • How does the performance of enterprise sales reps differ from that of transactional sales reps?
  • How long does it take sales reps to ramp for different roles?

Answering these questions will help sales leaders evaluate their team's performance and contextualize and interpret the changes affecting their industries. Sales teams are not monoliths, where all members have similar backgrounds and objectives – they are tightly structured groups of individuals with diverse skillsets and responsibilities. Understanding how other businesses think about those roles is instrumental for designing a sales team that helps your business grow and thrive.

About the Authors

Liz-Circle.pngLiz Cain

Liz is the VP of Go-to-Market at OpenView where she leads market insights, recruiting and sales and marketing strategy as part of the firm’s Expansion Platform. 




Arsham Memarzadeh

Arsham is an Associate at OpenView where he identifies, evaluates and executes on investment opportunities. He was previously a Market Strategist also at OpenView, working to develop go-to-market and whole product strategies.




Gail Axelrod

Gail is Content & PR Manager at OpenView where she heads up public relations and content for the firm and the firm’s publication, OpenView Labs. She was previously the Corporate Communications Manager at BetterCloud, a New York-based cloud security provider.




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