Fostering a Diverse Workforce

Foreword by ZipRecruiter's Amy Klimek

Amy Klimek.pngMost people agree that cultivating diversity in the workplace is a good thing, albeit never an easy task. Having worked for 20 years in Human Resources, I’ve built, grown, and led HR departments of various sizes, for businesses in a variety of industries. Over the years, I’ve learned best practices for navigating tricky issues in recruitment and the workplace, including those involving diversity.

Throughout the past decade in particular, with the boom of the tech industry – a sector of the workforce that has often struggled with homogeneity – I have come to believe that diversity must be confronted head-on. Fortunately, I have also seen how creating a workforce and recruitment process that considers all candidates fairly can have extremely positive outcomes for a company.

Making true strides toward equality and diversity in the workplace requires first that we acknowledge that all is not equal, and next that we are willing to create proactive solutions aimed at achieving a truly fair recruiting process. It is only then that we can achieve, sustain, and benefit from diversity in the workplace.