A look at three companies — Salesforce.com, IBM, and uSamp* — that are using three different, innovative forms of interactive content to engage their audiences. 

This report covers the best features of different types of interactive content and highlights the ways in which those three companies are using each format to create a rich, unique two-way conversation.

To cut through the growing content noise, B2B technology companies need to think differently about how and why they create content. They must evolve and innovate, exploring new ways to engage and interact with their audiences.

The three primary forms of interactive content that is focused on are:InteractiveContent


  • Interactive Video

  • Mobile and Tablet Apps

  • Interactive Product Demos






kevincain“We live in an age where we are all being bombarded with more content than we can possibly consume. As a result, if you want your content to stand out and have an impact, you have got to find ways to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. Content that you simply read is forgotten or, worse, completely overlooked.”

— Kevin Cain, Director of Content Strategy, OpenView

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