Plus: A channel-ready checklist, how to have a better board meeting, hiring more women in tech sales, and sales and marketing alignment
July 1, 2017
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The State of SaaS Marketing [Infographic]
The State of SaaS Marketing [Infographic]
What's the current state of SaaS marketing? We surveyed more than 500 SaaS leaders to find out. See the results in our infographic here →
Top Stories from Labs
Channel Ready Checklist: Everything You Need to Set Your Channel up for Success
Sales teams need to effectively organize and analyze sales operations data to make it actionable and truly valuable. Read here to get started.
HR & People
How to Hire More Women in Tech Sales
How do you hire more women in tech sales and why is diversity so important? Read here to get insights on Workable's mission to change the ratio.
How to Have a Better Board Meeting
When most boards have only four to six gatherings per year, how do you make the most of each meeting? Read here to get key insights.
Sales, Meet Marketing: 3 Actions to Foster Greater Alignment
Companies with sales and marketing alignment close more deals. So how do you create alignment in your own organization? Click here to find out 3 different strategies.
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