This report explains the concept behind gamification, educational content, and customer outreach, and highlights how Autodesk, Mindjet, and Zendesk have bolstered the effectiveness of their user adoption efforts. 

Driving stronger user adoption — among both paying and trial users — can be just as important as new customer acquisition to a growing software company. 

To be truly effective, however, user adoption must be an interdepartmental effort. In particular, that means that a company’s product development, customer service, and marketing teams must work symbiotically to: UserAdoption

  • Convert free and trial users to paid users

  • Encourage paying users to adopt more functionalities

  • Push more users in the same organization to use the product

  • Drive user adoption across multiple platforms



“Putting an emphasis on increasing user adoption will help improve your customer retention rate, allow your customer accounts to grow, and increase the likelihood that they will refer you to new customers. ”

— Tien Anh Nguyen, Director of Market Insights, OpenView

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