Many software companies have already realized the vast benefits a customer success function can bring to their organizations. That said, with the all-important role that customer success plays comes the need to audit the market and reevaluate goals consistently. CS professionals should use industry benchmarks to ensure they are contributing to their companies’ bottom-line and long-term success.

In this report, Customer Success expert Dave Blake presents customer success benchmarks so you can track your progress against your peers. We also provide core recommendations around how to grow and structure your team, set and track goals and compensate team members to ensure incentives align with said goals.

Our 2016 report provides benchmarks on:

  • CS team headcount and growth
  • Compensation data
  • Customer engagement frequency by sales model
  • Weeks from booking to completed implementation
  • Impact of NPS on ARR growth & retention and much more 


About the Authors

1-qdgk9gWbj43KcwWCVCEXVQ.pngDave Blake 

Dave Blake is founder and CEO of ClientSuccess, a customer success management platform changing the way companies manage, retain and grow their customer base. He was previously VP Global Account Management at Adobe and VP Strategic Accounts at Omniture. 


1-ra8NNRrV7neuPy8C8jvm6w.pngArsham Memarzadeh

Arsham is an Associate at OpenView where he identifies, evaluates and executes on investment opportunities. He was previously a Market Strategist also at OpenView, working with portfolio leaders to develop go-to-market and whole product strategies.


1-2VGkjMGpiA5Bqy9oC5Ulhg.pngGail Axelrod

Gail is Content & PR Manager at OpenView where she heads up public relations and content for the firm and the firm’s publication, OpenView Labs. She was previously the Corporate Communications Manager at BetterCloud, a New York-based cloud security provider.