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SaaS hiring has flipped from a candidate’s market to an employer’s market. Our report covers everything founders need to know to find, hire, and engage top SaaS talent in 2023.

Authors: Alex Carrier, Maggie Crean, Alex Maas
Analysis by: Curt Townshend

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of candidates are scrutinizing company finances.



Candidates speak with
fewer businesses,
down from eight in 2022.



of candidates are negotiating on salary instead of equity.


Who did we survey?

We spoke to nearly 200 participants—including executives hiring for their SaaS companies, executive candidates that recently joined a SaaS organization, and talent leaders. 

Alex Carrier

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Director, Talent at OpenView


Maggie Crean

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Senior Manager, Talent at OpenView


Alex Maas

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Director, Talent at OpenView


Curt Townshend

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VP, Growth at OpenView



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Pull back the curtain and provide peace of mind:

  • 8 in 10 candidates are scrutinizing company stability before accepting a role.

  • 89% of C-Suite talent rate financial performance as a top criteria when evaluating an offer.


How Candidates Evaluate Companies from OpenView State of SaaS 2023 Report

It’s an employer’s market Raised Hands emoji

But candidates still need to be sold:

  • 78% of candidates are looking to see alignment on the role and vision across your interview team.

  • 63% of companies are spending additional  time educating candidates on the role and company as a way to sell candidates.

  • Employers who run an efficient hiring process will create trust and affinity with candidates, allowing them to attract top talent.
Top Tactics for Selling Candidates from OpenView State of SaaS 2023 Report

Don’t shortchange candidatesMoney mouth face $

Compensation expectations remain high:

  • 71% of companies over $15M are seeing compensation expectations on the rise vs. last year.

  • Only 32% of candidates say market research aligns with their compensation expectations.

  • Equity is less of a bargaining tool in 2023, with only 9% of candidates negotiating on equity.
Compensation Expectations from OpenView State of SaaS 2023 Report

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Gain actionable insights on:

  • Red flags to avoid in early-stage hiring.

  • Hiring benchmarks on hiring, interviewing, headcount planning, and compensation.

  • Insights from top talent leaders and candidates on how to stand out in today’s market.