Sales Compensation Calculator

This free calculator (Excel file) will show you the calculations and payouts for your outbound lead generation compensation plan based on the inputs in the yellow boxes.

It also helps you address these 4 key questions:

  1. What are the right metrics to tie incentives and bonuses to?
  2. What are the goals for those metrics?
  3. What is your rep’s total incentive compensation target?
  4. How much of the rep’s bonus should you allocate to each metric?

How to use this template:

Input the following assumptions:

  • Number of monthly appointments & opportunities BDR is expected to generate
  • Bookings (ACV) that these opportunities are expected to drive
  • How much of their variable comp is driven by different metrics
  • Expected base salary and variable compensation
  • Payout frequency (e.g. monthly or 2x per month)