How will you help your customers succeed?

Knowing the answer to this question is critical to the growth and sustainability of your business, but it’s just as critical to understand that there is no single answer to this question.

An effective customer success strategy touches every aspect of the customer experience and affects the operations and culture of each function in your company. Customer success is not the result of a single mandate; it is the culmination of hundreds of small changes, all moving you toward a common goal.

But, how do you know which changes to make, and when?

The “formula” for customer success varies depending on your company’s maturity, resources, product, and customer life cycle, but the framework for developing your strategy is always the same:

Assessing Your Situation:

  • Addressing your company’s customer experience maturity
  • Understanding your company’s potential focal points

Building Your Plan:

  • Identifying relevant metrics and benchmarks
  • Understanding your customer’s definition of success
  • Choosing focal points
  • Selecting the right metrics
  • Setting SMART goals

Implementing Your Plan:

  • Obtaining leadership buy-in and establishing cross-functional support
  • Creating a culture of customer success

In this eBook, we will review each of these three phases, but first we’re going to look at exactly how customer success can help your business achieve and surpass its corporate goals and set itself up to fulfill its vision.

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