This report highlights three examples of effective crowdsourcing marketing techniques being used by three innovative technology companies: Stripe, MINDBODY, and Avid Software. 

Today, crowdsourcing is much easier to execute, and its impact and reach can pay huge dividends for marketers who do it right. It can be a particularly effective way to engage and empower customers, and to encourage them to interact with your brand. Crowdsourcing marketing can also be used to generate content, fuel marketing campaign virality, and conduct cost-effective market research.

However, crowdsourced marketing campaigns also pose some inherent risks. If they are not managed correctly or are not supported by the right goals and processes, crowdsourced marketing initiatives can quickly spin out of control and hijack your brand’s reputation.

In general, four components need to be considered before planning and executing a crowdsourced marketing campaign:

  • Establishing the purpose of the campaign
  • Choosing the crowdsourcing process method
  • Picking a medium
  • Projecting the end result of the initiative

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