A guide to the agile development framework that can boost any team's performance by 4x

When most people think of Scrum and agile development, they think of software engineers doing funny things with Post-It notes. The truth is, Scrum can help transform the performance of any team — not just developers — and the people who stand to benefit most are executives.

This quick, no-nonsense guide answers your top questions about Scrum — what it is, who it's for, what it takes to implement and when you can expect results.

It also highlights the biggest benefits your organization will enjoy, a few challenges you may struggle with at first, plus tips for overcoming them.

Resources & Tools Inside

  • Scrum Explained in 30 Seconds
  • 5 Ways Scrum Can Make Your Life Easier
  • 3 Core Steps to Implementing Scrum
  • 6 Things Your Team Needs from You (an Executive Leadership Checklist)
  • Glossary of Scrum Terms
  • List of Scrum Tools
  • Tips for Conducting Better Retrospectives

Take the first step toward higher project visibility, increased productivity, happier employees, better products, and more satisfied customers.

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