A high-level, plug-and-play template to make financial forecasting flexible and less time-consuming.

A financial projection, in its simplest form, is a forecast of revenues and expenses, and ultimately, profitability. The most common way to accomplish this is to create an income statement, while the less-understood balance sheet and cash flow statements are too often ignored. But most companies will need to project all three financial statements to best measure how quickly they can grow their business or how long they can stay afloat before needing additional funding.
This integrated forecast model blends all three financial statements into one file. Users are able to input historical data to identify trends and then project future periods. The model combines both user input assumptions as well as preset balance sheet and cash flow line formulas.

Designed to give you a high-level estimate of how your operations will affect your profitability and liquidity with the ability to plug-and-play with different scenarios.

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