It’s important to consider how pricing can change over the course of your company’s growth. At the seed stage, you had very little data, but endless possibilities to innovate and experiment with pricing. In the awkward teenage years of the expansion stage, you were in land grab mode and trying to come up with a packaging and pricing model that would allow you to rapidly scale.

Now in the growth stage, your business is much larger and more mature. You’re more risk averse than you were at previous stages of growth since you have a large base of existing customers and a steady stream of revenue to worry about. At this point you’ve professionalized many areas of your business, bringing on functional experts for important capabilities like product marketing, product analytics, localization, sales operations and so on. But odds are you still don’t have resources dedicated to pricing, and would benefit greatly from bringing on your first pricing lead.

OpenView’s Ultimate SaaS Pricing Guide for Growth Stage Companies walks you through important pricing, packaging and positioning decisions at this vital stage so you can remain a large and enduring software company for years to come.

In this guide you'll gain access to:

  • Survey of 1,000 SaaS Executives Reveals Major Blind Spot Around Pricing
  • Seven Tips to Optimize Your SaaS Pricing Page
  • What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Gym Membership Pricing
  • How to Compete With the Next Big Thing: Fight Back, Hold Firm or Retreat
  • Learning from Flywheel to Let the Best Sales Reps Inspire the Rest

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