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Whether you’re searching for product-market fit, trying to prioritize the next market segment to target or looking to launch a new product, you first need to understand how large the market is. The problem: sizing up your market can be confusing and time consuming, especially if market sizing is not your full-time job. It’s a pain to find the right data sources and then to make sense of that data to answer your specific questions. What if there was a fast and easy way to get insights from a trusted source on the number of companies in a market, how many people they employ and how fast they’re expected to grow?

Well, now there is. We’re thrilled to introduce OpenView’s downloadable market sizing tool. Simply make selections on which industries you want to go after and your target company size (i.e. very small business, SMB, midmarket, enterprise). We will then do the calculations for you, bringing together US Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data into an intuitive interface.

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Sample outpout.

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