Implementing an Effective PLG Strategy for Faster, More Cost Effective Growth

Foreword: A Product Led Growth Primer

For companies like Slack, Expensify and Dropbox, product usage serves as the primary driver of user acquisition, expansion and retention, meaning these companies can forgo spending large sums on traditional marketing and sales activities. Instead, they rely on the products themselves to supply a pipeline of satisfied users and ‘hand raisers’ they can turn into paying customers. 

This phenomenon is what OpenView calls product led growth – a capital efficient model through which companies can scale quickly.

In this guide, you'll learn the most common characteristics behind PLG companies. You'll learn how PLG businesses can optimize their product, marketing, pricing and sales to scale effectively. And if you’re a traditional sales-led business, we’ll provide key insights into how you too can incorporate product led strategies to turn your existing business into a more efficient growth engine.