Pricing keeps many seed stage CEOs up at night. It represents the ultimate referendum on how much value your product has created for would-be users. And, unlike in other industries, software companies have nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to how and how much they can charge their customers. In fact, our research shows that public SaaS companies capture anywhere from $100 to $1.8M per year on average from their customers. Directly borrowing pricing practices from other software companies could have seriously detrimental effects on your growth potential.

Pricing could and should be as much a part of your innovation as your product offering. Companies like and Meetup, for example, have had tremendous success with recent SaaS product launches by taking a thoughtful approach to their pricing. Even if you fail at pricing out of the gate, the good news is that as a seed stage company, you still have time to fix it. Seed stage companies have far more flexibility to rethink and experiment with their pricing compared to later stage companies. So what are you waiting for?

OpenView’s Ultimate SaaS Pricing Guide for Seed Stage Companies walks you through important pricing and go-to-market decisions at this vital stage so you can capture the full value from your innovation and set your company up for long-term success.



  • Why Do SaaS Companies Still Charge By the User?
  • The Slow Death of Freemium – And What Comes Next
  • How Meetup Built Demand for an Enterprise Product
  • A Simple Framework for Pricing Your Products. And Nailing it the First Time.
  • Anti-lean Startup Pricing: How is Making it Work

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