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OV | Weekly – August 11, 2018

Hi Friend of OpenView,

Have you heard? The first episode of season 3 of the BUILD podcast dropped this week. And it features OpenView's founder Scott Maxwell on why companies should look to adopt product led growth strategies. You can listen here.

Also this week – the ultimate guide to freemium pricing, the State of SaaS IPOs in 2018, user onboarding tips from our friends at Appcues, powering your marketing & sales through storytelling and much more!

Have a great weekend readers!

Everything You Need to Know About Freemium Pricing

To give away your product for free or to not give your product away for free...that's the classic question, right? Well for startup founders it is. Freemium pricing can either be a great strategy for building your business or can decimate your bottom line. Get both sides of the story in this ultimate guide to freemium pricing here.

What VCs Look for in Product Led Companies [Podcast]

BUILD is backkkk! And better than ever. We're talking all season long to growth leaders about product led growth – what it is and why the strategy can help you scale while keeping costs in line.

Up first? What the heck is product led growth? Season 3 host Ashley Minogue sits down with OpenView Founder & Managing Partner Scott Maxwell to find out. Scott also discusses the metrics investors look for in product led growth companies and the future of this go-to-market approach.

Listen Here 🎧

The 2018 State of SaaS IPOs

Where have all the IPOs gone? A question you might be asking yourself lately. Across all industries, an average of 311 firms went public every year from 1980-2000, but between 2001-2011 an average of just 99 firms did so. So what gives? The availability of private capital and the rise of M&A activity are two big factors. Get more details on how this shift impacts your business in the 2018 State of SaaS IPOs here.

How to Align Your Team for Maximum User Onboarding Success

Users of Canva, a popular B2C design tool (yes, we can learn from B2C companies too 😜) create 13 designs every second. That’s an average of three new designs every month for every single user. In other words, Canva’s users are thoroughly engaged. So what's the secret? Amazing user onboarding. Get real world strategies from Canva and other onboarding powerhouses like Pinterest and Sketch here.

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Here's what else you need to know this week:

  • Did we mention we're all in on product led growth? Join OpenView for two upcoming PLG-focused events. Register now for a PLG Panel & Happy Hour featuring growth leaders from Appcues, Wistia and HubSpot. And request an invite for PLG East here, featuring speakers from Lucidchart, SendGrid, Pendo and more.

  • The OV team is speaking at some of tech's most exciting conferences. Be sure to join us there! You can view all upcoming events here.
  • Zipwhip is hiring a VP Revenue Marketing to join their Seattle-based team. Learn more and apply here. Not a fit? You can view openings across our portfolio here.

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