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Usage-based pricing (UBP) is no longer a trend—learn how to launch UBP, from some of the most profitable SaaS businesses who’ve flipped the script and flourished.

Author: Kyle Poyar
Contributors: Julien Lemoine, Gaëten Gachet, Chris Degnan, Jonathan Tice, Scott Buxton, and Maggie Kullman

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Datadog’s net dollar
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The timeline to implement UBP at Cypress*


Who did we feature?

C-suite leaders and VPs at companies that either shifted to a usage-based pricing model, or were always following one, including Algolia, Avesdo, Datadog*, Cypress*, Snowflake, and Clari. Our experts offer insights into how to implement UBP across sales, customer success, and finance and operations teams.

*Note: Cypress is a current OpenView portfolio company. Datadog is a former OV portfolio company. For additional information on OV's full list of portfolio companies, please visit:

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The finance perspective 

Datadog’s former VP of Finance on:

  • Growing from $0 ARR to $1B ARR using a usage-based pricing model

  • Managing expectations for predictability and selling your investors on UBP

  • The right metrics to fit your UBP model

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The most "customer-friendly" pricing ever

Algolia’s leadership talk about:

  • Retooling a usage-based pricing strategy to center on technical users

  • Increasing access to advanced features and making pricing more transparent

  • Expanding to more 12,000+ customers and 630+ employees in 10 countries
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Taking a leap of faith

Cypress’s VP of Customer Success and Sales explores:

  • Building a cross functional UBP pricing implementation team

  • Changing Cypress’s pricing from a primarily seat-based to a consumption-based model

  • Early successes, with existing customers raising their hands to upgrade
OpenView_Stories of Scaling with Usage-Based Pricing_Cypress UBP Journey